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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gabby's First Birthday

Gabby's Pay-It-Forward Day


On what would have been her 10th Birthday



I started a Facebook Event inviting others to do something out of the ordinary for someone else on (or around) June 4th.  It could be something very simple but could mean the world to the person on the receiving end! 

Thanks for participating. 
Here are some of the cramazing things you all did:
  • Michelle (Georgia):  This morning, I was determined it would be a better day, so I paid it forward. Just two cars in the drive thru line at McDonald's, but it felt SO incredibly amazing! My point is that doing something special, paying it forward or simply helping someone else is so easy and simple, but the effect it has on the other person is incredible. It cost me a whole $2.14 this morning extra, but the feeling that we all got from that simple gesture was worth way more than that!
  • Pat (Bluff City, Tennessee):  Hi Gabby, Just wanted you to know I couldn't wait. Did a pay ahead for a dear friend today, [someone you love] for your birthday. Think of you often and want you to know that we are taking good care of your mom, dad and brother. Early HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven. Thanks, mom and dad, for the privilege of allowing me to honor Gabby in this way.  And on Gabby's Birthday.....Hey Gabby, Just knew when the young man at the ballgame tonight ordered a slushy that you have to be a slushy kind of gal. So I paid for his slushy and told him it was a gift from you for your 10th birthday that you are celebrating in heaven. I have never found so much joy in celebrating a birthday before. I intend to keep celebrating your life by paying it forward in your honor. Love to you and your mom, dad, and Tucker. I know it has been the best birthday ever
  • Julie, Meredith, Riane, and Lauren (Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina):  Paid It Forward this am by baking cookies and delivering them to the condo staff, life guards, and random folks on the beach! Our hearts are full from the smiles, hugs, and prayers for the Lewis family we received today! While Meredith and Riane delievered cookies, Lauren and her friend suprised us on the beach with our chairs, umbrellas, etc. and made lunch for us all.

Click to enlarge :)

  • Lisa (Boardman, Ohio):  My 8 year old daughter and I went out to lunch today. She decided that we should buy lunch for an elderly couple that was sitting across from us. They seemed so sweet and so in love. They smiled and commented about how well mannered my daughter was. The waitress said "do you want me to tell them?" And Ava said "no. Just let be surprised and wonder" and she went on to tell the waitress about Gabby. The waitress teared up and told us that she lost a son to SIDS 10 years ago and thought it was great that people were doing a pay it forward. After she walked away, Ava whispered "Mom, we have to do something for her too" so she broke out her notepad and wrote a simple note and we left a much larger than normal tip. Ava prayed for Gabby's family tonight and said "mom, I'm sure she's the most beautiful angel in heaven".

    Zoe and Sophia(Scottsdale, Arizona):  We wrote on balloons and sent them up to heaven with a special message for Gabby! Sophia was very touched (as was I) and another lady who saw what we were doing. Happy birthday sweet girl. There certainly is a beautiful birthday party in heaven today amongst the angels. I sure know my dad is having a blast dancing with you little one.


  • Valerie (Camden, Delaware):  Plans to take groceries and clothes to a Guatemalan family financially strapped for money.
  • Missy (Tupelo, Mississippi):  Today Reid and I donated toys in Gabby's memory to the childcare center Reid attends. They were so grateful to receive the toys!
  • Melissa (Shorewood, Illinois):  I paid for the car behind me at Starbucks, visited a nursing home and I'm going to make a donation to Frances Dixon, for her work in Guatemala in Gabby's honor. God Bless Gabby, may she feel her Mama's love. xox....And hours later....I'm tired, but Ana wants me to bake her favorite cake, Banana with chocolate frosting - I might have said no, but not today - Cake it is, because we are meant to celebrate this child's life, no matter how short. 
  • Lori (Jonesborough, Tennessee):  In honor of Gabby, we paid for the coffee of someone behind us this afternoon!
  • Cindy (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Comforting a sweet friend who has had a very difficult week. Also, Stopped at Hawaiian Ice by Food City. Gave this note on a napkin and $$ to the sweet girl that served up icies to my kiddos all summer last year. There was a car parked out front with people that she knew, and when we left, she and the whole car full of teenagers were reading and discussing the note :) hoping they continue with paying it forward!!!

  • Jane (Elyria, Ohio):  Today, in honor of Gabby Lewis who left this earth too early (almost two years ago) at the age of 8, We paid it forward ... Drew made us breakfast, then I took lunch to our church daycare staff... Then they paid it forward by sending balloons to Gabby in heaven. 
  • Laura (Clearwater, Florida):  My children had an event at school today called "International Peace Day." They celebrated learning about many parts of the world and prayed for peace. A recent college graduate who is going to do mission work at an orphanage in Honduras spoke to the kids. She asked for prayers and letters from the kids. She also mentioned that they could use financial support for the mission in general or sponsoring individual children. We are donating to The Farm of the Child. Happy Birthday Gabby!
  • Andrea (Franklin Hill, Tennessee):  Gave a donation to The Compassionate Friends in Gabby's name. This organization helped my mother and me after my brother passed. Thinking of you!
  • Raquel (Bluff City, Tennessee):  Left a sweet note at a restaurant for someone to find.  Telling them about Gabby and about Jesus and the hope we have in him.  Tonight I paid it forward by paying for some folks in my Zumba class. They all got the same note I posted this morning telling them of God's love and His gift of salvation. What an honor to share this day with others. I love and miss you beautiful, sweet and perfect Gabby.

  • Diane (Marion, Connecticut):  Tonight I drove to a carnival in a poorer city in Connecticut. I brought my two Littles with me. My Littles weren't there to enjoy the carnival but rather we selected a family to give some money to so their family could really enjoy all the rides and the food. We also gave them extra money so that they could do whatever they wanted with it..... maybe pay a bill, maybe buy some groceries, maybe treat themselves to a meal out.... whatever they want. Annie picked the was a mom with four little kids. She and her kids were so excited and so were we!!!! My Littles left without going on a ride or having any food and they still had a great time paying it forward.
  • Keith (Birch Run, Michigan):  spent more time cutting my war veterans yard than i did my own, something i should do everytime! i will do mine tomorrow. wish there was more time in a day!
  • Amy:  Bought my sponsored family an extra basket of food tonight
  • Tiffany (Johnson City, Tennessee):  In honor of Gabby, we made a donation to Samaritan's Purse.
  • Meg (Nashville, Tennessee):  I paid it forward at Chick fila tonight. I was in the drive thru and paid for the car behind me in memory of Gabby.

Lisa, Josh, Marisa, Grant, Corrinne (West Point, Mississippi):  As one of our Pay It Forwards for Gabby today, we just delivered dog food, toys and treats to the West Point/Clay County Animal Shelter. :) We love you Lewis family and will continue to do some special good deeds for Gabby's birthday throughout this week!  Also bought ice cream for special family!  And one of Lisa's friends "manned" the local museum today and will the rest of the week for the curator whose son died during the weekend.  And yet another of Lisa's friends....My friend is a single "mom" to multiple animals who need a lot of veterinary care and bc of her generous heart, we chose to help her in a small but meaningful way to help with the financial burden of taking care of all her "babies". :)
  • Christy (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Changed her profile picture to one of her and Gabby taken at school to remember Gabby and to tell others about her.  Christy was the last teacher Gabby had and the first teacher Tucker had at Towne Acres.
  • Janet and Beckie (Fairfax, Virginia):   Made a food donation to Food 4 Thought which provides weekend meals for needy students in Fairfax, Virginia! 
  • Kay, Alexis, and Trevor (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Our "pay it forward" for Gabby: Alexis, Trevor, and I volunteered at a women's center making peanut butter sandwhiches and packing boxes of food for a summer food program for children. They can't wait to go back and help.
  • Kelsey (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Wrote a sweet note about Gabby and our Pay-it-forward event and enclosed a gift card to Mellow Mushroom.  Asked the waitress to give it to one of her most deserving tables.  She also gave them a Gabby bracelet. 

  • Melinda and Dr. Barnett (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Today going through the car line at Starbucks I paid for the order for the last behind me. I told the girl working window that she could tell her it was for a sweet Angel named Gabby on her 10th birthday. If she could pay it forward in her honor.  Then, our own Dr. Barnett, took the office staff out to lunch in honor of Gabby.
  • Karen (Kingsport, Tennessee):  Pay it forward #4- sent a friend who is struggling a card and gift card. #5- took a gallon of tea to the teachers at Cooper's Jump Start Middle School program. 5 more to come!
  •  Judy (Sanford, North Carolina):  Gabby's birthday with a special treat for my Watercolor Art class. We will have very special doughnuts from Sandra's Bakery!
  • Karie (Paoli, Indiana):  Anonymously Sent this letter along with $20 to someone I know could use it and appreciate it:) Happy Birthday Gabby!

  • Michelle -again! (Georgia):  This morning while in the McDonald's drive thru, I paid it forward for the guy behind me. When I moved out of my apartment into my house Memorial Day weekend, I noticed the older couple upstairs toting in baskets of clean laundry. I asked them if they had a washer and a dryer. They said no. Knowing that I already had not one, but two washers and two dryers that were already in the house I am renting, I did not need a third set. I remembered that Gabby's birthday was coming up soon, so I asked them if they wanted my washer and dryer. I told them that if they would come and get it they could have it. They are more than excited to get them! Yes, I could have sold them, but in that moment, their need was placed above my own. Happy Birthday Gabby!!!
  • Teresa (Atlanta, Georgia):  In memory and honor of Gabby, we paid it forward by offering our stroller to a mother and her child. We had listed a single stroller for sale and the mother and son came to see it this afternoon. After she said she wanted it, I shared Gabby's story with her and shared that I wanted to give her the stroller rather than sell it to her. She started to cry and said you have no idea what this means. We borrowed the money from our 15 year old son to buy it today. She promised that she would also honor Gabby by finding a way to make a difference in another person's life. Happy Birthday Gabby!
  • Lillian:  In honor of this beautiful girl. Just paid for breakfast for the two hardworking men behind me in line at McDonald's. God bless your family!
  • Jodi (Morrestown, New Jersey):  I donated money in Gabby's name to a friends fundraiser, she is trying to raise money to adopt a baby from China .
  • Cindy (Doylestown, Pennsylvania):  Paid it forward for Gabby this morning...had to drop my dog off this morning at the Veterinarian's office and brought all the employees some morning coffee. Thinking of Gabby and the Lewis family today ♥

  • Tamara (Minneapolis, Minnesota):  After a recent post of a video that brought me to tears, of a panhandler talking about how hard it really is to be in his shoes, I decided to pay it forward to someone like him.... today I had to drive all over the place to find one. But there he was on the off ramp of the freeway, with his sign and when I handed him $20, his eyes grew big and I said "It's from Gabby..." and he let me take his picture.

  • Melissa:  Paid it forward this afternoon by randomly handing out envelopes with $5 inside with a note attached explaining that it was Pay It Forward day in honor & celebration of Gabby.  Thank you Becky for allowing me the opportunity to celebrate Gabby. What a wonderful thing. I am sure Gabby is smiling down on all the random acts of kindness that are being paid forward today.

  • Kim (Sterling, Virginia):  Today, I celebrate Gabby's birthday by smiling at the sky AND will help my neighbor today (she has 2 small children). I will kiss them all over in memory of your daughter. God bless you for sharing her with all of us.
  • Susie (Cedar Rapids, Iowa):  I am planning to return to Light in Africa, Tanzania this Fall. We have a "jar" for the Mirerani Food Kitchen. I put in 10 dollars today for Gabby. This will help cover 30 meals. Here is a documentary of this place.
  • Cindy (Nixa, Missouri):  My son Jacob is giving some of his precious ;) Legos to a little boy who is leaving Foster Care (and leaving everything behind) to join his Forever Family! He loves Legos, but couldn't take any with him to his new HOME. I am dropping them off today - in honor of sweet Gabby!  I'm praying that Gabby will guide me from Heaven to find more acts of kindness to do today! Much love! ❤❤  Last "Gabby Good Deed" of the day: my older neighbor who is a widow (her husband was the developer of our subdivision & he passed away from cancer a few years ago) always keeps an immaculate yard. I drive by every day and think I should stop & tell her I admire her work, but I never have - until today. The look on her face was priceless! She has so much pride in her flowers & she told me a little about each one of them and she beamed the whole time! ❤It probably blessed me as much as it blessed her!  Happy birthday Gabby! I hope your birthday was CRAMAZING!! ❤❤❤
  • Kim (Bolingbrook, Illinois):   On Friday I met baby Jade's father. They are from living in Chicago at the University of Chicago hospital waiting for a liver transplant for their daughter. I could not imagine what expenses they will run up, BTW no insurance. Their love for their daughter brought me to tears. (!/JadesFoundationFundacionPorJade) a donation to their medical fund.  This morning, I made a donation to El Amor de Patricia (The Love of Patricia) in honor of Gabby ♥
  • Wendy, Randi, Vivi, and Angel Sailor Kate (Helena, Georgia):  Took lil baby pound cakes and delievered them to special people to brighten their day.  We took cakes to ladies in our church who are battling cancer, a sweet young friend who had surgery yesterday, a sick cousin, a beloved aunt, and a friend who had an angel baby herself and shares Gabby's birthday.  (Wendy is an amazing lady who has used her own tragedy to bless others.  Visit


  • Tonya (Rutland, Vermont):  My daughter's gymnastics studio has a play area filled with donated toys. One of the donated toys was a naked baby doll with an arm that was close to being severed from its body. The gym owner knew I did sewing and mending for people, so she brought me this sad little doll asking if she could pay me to repair it. Last night, I looked at my pile of mending and thought of Gabby. So, I sewed a special sling and reattached the arm. I cleaned her face, hands and feet, and groomed her hair. Then I made little clothes, hairbows and shoes to fit her. Today, I recruited my 4-year old daughter to help me dress the baby. We returned the baby to the play area as one of our gifts for Gabby. -- Tomorrow, we plan to visit a few stores and place cards and a little cash on the back of a few items.

Amanda (Cedar Park, Texas):  In honor of Gabby's special day, my children and I bought 10 balloons and sent them toward Heaven for her, with a note wishing her a Happy Birthday. The balloons knew right where to go ;-)

  • Rhonda (Murrells Inlet, South Carolina):  Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call that one of my elderly neighbors had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. The couple that lives there are both in their 80's and do not have any family in the area. When I got off work, I headed to the hospital to check on them. I ended up sitting with them until they got the results of the tests and were cleared to go home. I guess that you can say that the time I spent with this couple in the emergency room was my random act of kindness for yesterday. I intend to do more in honor of Gabby. All the posts are so inspiring. It's amazing how far reaching they really are. So, from Murrells Inlet, SC I honor the Lewis family. They are truly amazing as was Gabby! Much love to you all!
  • Tracie, Scott, Lauren, and Drew (Piney Flats, Tennessee):   Purchased 10 sundaes from McDonald which were given to the next ten customers along with a sweet note! 

  • Beth (Aiken, South Carolina):  I never knew Gabby and have been grieving the loss of my Mom two weeks ago, so I decided to pay it forward by paying for a family of 6 meal at fast food and took my mom"s craft stuff to an adult daycare center for Alzheimer's patients!!
  • Lisa (Kingsport, Tennessee):  Last week, I noticed a man in Walmart parking lot. He was obviously having some difficulty walking, yet he was the ONE person who picked up a large piece of trash everyone else had ignored. Seeing him & seeing this had made me more careful to pick up water bottles, wrappers & other trash. Water bottles roll out of cars, pieces of paper blow out our purses, kids drop things. We've all left trash somewhere, which is why I'll pick up what I see without thinking twice. Thanks to Gabby, I've got a new good habit!
  • Lee Ann (Johnson City, Tennessee):  In honor of Gabby, I brought some sweet treats in to a hardworking co-worker going through a tough time and will pay for someone's lunch today.  Later that day, I saw on one of the vending machines at work an envelope with change in it saying "Take what you need.  This if for Gabby Lewis Pay it Forward Day".
  • Beth (Aiken, South Carolina):  I never knew Gabby and have been grieving the loss of my Mom two weeks ago, so I decided to pay it forward by paying for a family of 6 meal at fast food and took my mom"s craft stuff to an adult daycare center for Alzheimer's patients!!
  • Mayan Families, Sharon and Dwight ( Panajachel, Guatemala): Wrote a post in honor of Becky's birthday and her Pay It Forward event on their facebook.  They also sent our sponsored family a cake.  Check out Edgar and his mom with his Gabby bracelet on!!!

  •  Sabrina (Nashville, Tennessee):  I wanted to give this the time and attention it deserved. I thought and thought. Finally I realized what I wanted to! I am at treating several cars their ice cream orders tonight! Free smiles! Happy Birthday Gabby!! I do so love the Lewis Family!
  • Susan (Lexington, South Carolina):  I paid for the drive thru order of the car behind me at the Lexington South Carolina Chic- Fil-A. Thought about you guys a lot yesterday. And prayed for you. Happy Birthday Gabby!
  • Ana (Bradenton, Florida):  Everyday this week when I get to the window at Starbucks before I can pay it forward the car before already did. Needless to say, I get the car behind me. Maybe someone else in Bradenton is doing Gabby's work!

Guat Mama (all over):  Changed their Facebook profile picture to balloons.  Immediately after the accident, a GuatMama (not sure even who it was) made this balloon picture and so many have placed that picture as their profile in support of our family.  Thank you!!!

  • Susan (Attica, New York):  We took cookies and milks to our tball game to share with the opponents. Love you Lewis family!!!
  • Amber (Tennessee):  Today, I gave some money to some friends to support them for a mission trip so they can go share the Good News of Jesus!! Also was able to give some money to and love on some friends who got challenging/interesting news today. Praying the things done today to pay it forward in memory of Gabby make Eternal impacts that we get to see...and even better, some we may never see or know!!!
  • Valerie:  I made a donation to Mayan Families in Gabby's name. Later when I go visit my Mom in the hospital I'm going to stop and pick up some treats for the nurses taking care of her and share Gabby's story.  We also cut a bunch of flowers and have bouquets to 2 neighbors. 3 random acts of kindness done, and we will be doing 7 more.
  • Kelly (Wilbraham, Massachusetts:  I just made a donation to Mayan Families in honor of Gabby - $45: Large Birthday Cake (for entire family) AND a Birthday Gift (hula hoop, soccer ball, doll, or stuffed animal). Hugs and prayers to you! xo
  • Chrissy :  Donated $25 to Mayan Families in honor of Gabby.
  • Lisa:  I made a $50 donation to Mayan Families in Gabby's name.
  • Jamie (Wake Forest, North Carolina):  We don't know Gabby but I've been thinking about her all day! Took this opportunity to share this learning experience with my boys. We went to a local ice cream shop for a treat after dinner and paid for another family's ice cream also. Never thought how doing something so small can make you feel so good. The family figured out it was us who treated them and said they too would be "paying it forward." Thanks to Gabby! She's touched the lives of 10 people in Wake Forest, NC tonight!
  • Joanna:  Becky and Shane, I missed this till today. I have been praying for you all since Gabby went to be with Jesus. I will continue to pray for you all. We were talking about you all over super yesterday and what you all do. We were all crying sad, happy, praising tears. My husband Garrett is getting ready to go to Guatemala next weekend on a mansion trip with our church and he will be honoring Gabby while there in his deeds. We love you all.
  • Teri  (Greensboro, South Carolina):  Got the kids involved in our celebration. My sweet daughter made a get well card for another friend's baby who was bitten by a rabid fox. She also took the time to help out a friend in her class with Down's syndrome, and he obviously appreciated her help with the giant hug he gave her! My precious boy shared his dessert with his neighborhood friends and was actually nice to his sister tonight. We also bought ice cream from the truck for our neighborhood friends! We will continue to pay it forward this last week of school and report back on further celebrations! Happy Heavenly Birthday Gabby Lewis!
  • Melony and Jud (Johnson City, Tennessee):   I can't wait to visit hospice patients in a couple of nursing homes and deliver KK doughnuts and share Gabby's story with them. I'm taking some birthday candles so we can sing Happy Birthday to her, too. They will it! This weeks volunteering with Amedisys Hospice will be extra sweet. :)
  • Monica (Johnson City, Tennessee):  I decided for my New Year's resolution to do 365 good deeds this year. I am only just a little behind. It has been awesome so far. I pledge to finish this year with ALL of them done in memory of sweet Gabby! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to honor such a precious girl!
  • Stacy (Chattanooga, Tennessee):  I paid it forward today. This older man let me get in front of him in line at dollar general, so I paid for his stuff. He said, no, you don't need to do that! And I said yes, it's for Gabbys birthday that was this week, and told him he can pray for gabby and her family as thanks.
  • Trish (Kingsport, Tennessee):   An elderly man in our neighborhood always stops to visit on mowing day. I am ashamed to say that I usually find it annoying because I have things that (I think) I need to finish. He stopped today and was carrying his watch. At first I felt annoyed,but then realized he would probably appreciate someone taking a few minutes to change the battery. So, I changed the battery and we chatted for about 20 minutes. And I really enjoyed my time with him and didn't get annoyed. I'm going to try to spend some time with him every mowing day and not be so focused on what I think needs to be done.
  • Kristen (Dallas, Georgia) :  Spent today (as I have/will every day this week) at our local District Cub Scout Day Camp with 150 awesome boys, all of whom are so excited to be working on their advancements! My den has 16 wonderful boys, and they are so sweet, couldn't imagine spending my day anywhere else! This the fifth year in a row that I've volunteered to work at day camp as a den walker. Well today, to honor Gabby, I made sure I told each boy in my den what a great job they were doing, and how proud I was of all the accomplishments they've done so far this week. We give them recognition beads to tie on their lanyards, and at the end of camp, they take them home to add them to their walking sticks. I made sure each boy got a special bead today, and thought of Gabby as I presented it to them. I hope I made a small difference in their day, and will continue to praise their efforts all week!! :)
  • Elaine:  My silly pay it forward was simply my attitude today. I know, and God knows. Love to all !
  • Barb (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Two cars behind me received a blessing of free dinner from Gabby Goo. Both cars had a young gal driving, the cashier at Chic-fil-a said God bless you and Happy Birthday Gabby in heaven. I imagine Gabby was smiling down because this girl was happy to pass the blessing on in her behalf.
  • Melissa (Independence, Kentucky):  Paid for dinner tonight for a family of four in honor of Gabby!
  • Johnna :  I made some strawberry pies last night and we delivered them today in honor of Gabby. Hopefully I can pay it forward some more this week for Gabby as well!
  • Robin:  I had taken my son to play as usual at a coin-op playground/game center before a shopping trip and there was a beautiful little girl there running around, looking eagerly at everything. She begged her mom for money to play and I overheard her mom say they didn't have money for that, so I paid for her to play. It wasn't much, but it made them smile and the day is still not over. By the way, it is also my sister's birthday, so I won't forget Gabby's day.
  • Dawn (Brazil – Arapiraca, Alagoas):  I am working in an indigenous Brazilian Indian village for the week. We are touching lives through medical/dental services and sharing/showing our love for Jesus. Some of the girls remind me of Gabby!
  • Diana:  Our children Aleana and Elliott decided to donate some candy and a goodie bag to a needy friend of their s named Natalia who is 10 here in Piedras Negras, Mexico. We prayed for Gabby s family as well. hugs to heaven for this sweet angel!
  • Deanna (Johnson City, Tennessee):  I paid it forward by buying some little old ladies lunch in front of me because she didn't have enough to buy it herself.
  • Gina (Atlanta, Georgia):  In honor of Gabby, on her 10th birthday, I made a donation to a fellow guatmama friend who is struggling with a debilitating disease. I also left notes of love and appreciation for a few of my friends and family members. Thank you for inviting me to share in Gabby's special day!
  • Ashley (Johnson City, Tennessee):  I never had the pleasure of knowing Gabby but I have been touched by her story. Today, in honor of Gabby, I was able to do something much needed for a family I didn't even know. May God continue to bless many today in honor of Gabby!!!
  • Beth (Thomasville, North Carolina):  In honor of Miss Gabby, I paid for someone's lunch. Later we will be going out to hand out "blessing bags" to some homeless people. Even though I can't imagine how difficult this is for you, Becky, and your family, what an awesome way to celebrate a beautiful little girl! LIOB
  • Kim (Carmel, Indiana):  In honor if precious Gabby I gave a friend who was having a frustrating day a bucket of freshly picked strawberries. Happy 10th Birthday, Gabby! Love you Becky Baker Lewis, Shane Lewis and Tucker. I know she is smiling that beautiful smile!
  • Karen:  In honor of Miss Gabby, we took a load of clothes and shoes to the clothes closet at church, paid for the man behind us in the Pal's drive-through, and returned some errant grocery carts at Wal-Mart. Looking for more ways to honor Gabby this week! We've done 3, will shoot for 10 for Gabby's 10th birthday!
  • Beth (Moscow, Idaho)  Today we are having 10 pizzas delivered to a fellow adoptive mom of many...sharing Gabby's picture and story with the delivery....
  • Denise (Brighton, Michigan):  I paid for a young woman's lunch in the drive thru lane today. I wish I had thought to give the cashier a picture and link like Jane Simmons did! Many thoughts and prayers for Shane, Becky, Tucker and family today as we all celebrate Gabby's too short but oh so meaningful life!
  • Paula (Johnson City, Tennessee):  Elizabeth and I were waiting for an X-ray (not an unusual experience for our family). And older lady had lost her hearing aid in the waiting room and E helped her find it. Helping people always counts for paying it forward.
  • Jane (Today I paid for the man's order behind me in the drive thru. I gave the cashier a paper with Gabby's picture and a link to the website to give to the man. Hope he'll look at the website tonight and pay it forward to someone else today, too! I also offered a tenant a ride to the doctor's office. She doesn't have a car and it's HOT here today. She declined the ride, but asked if I could pay a bill for her. So I'm off to the gas company with her bill. Looking for more ways to celebrate and honor sweet Gabby's day today!
  • Susan:  In honor of Gabby I am giving some of the jewelry I have designed to a friend who had thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stolen which was very dear to her.
  • Kristina (Eureka, California):  Today is my daughter’s birthday who is from China. So today we will share her birthday with my daughters. I will ask her today what she would like to do for Gabby today.
  • Carolyn (Over the years, there have been times that we really just needed to know that God cares and there have been two times that we have been shown that without asking when we were at the ends of a rope and once was done at a restaurant. So today when we went out to eat at a local BBQ place I wrote a short note explaining why we were doing something for them, left three dollars ( enough for a desert) in the note and gave it to the cashier, who knows us by sight, so that she can give it to someone who needs it. We have been praying about who for a few days now and so even if we never see their face God will make sure the right person gives it. If anything else comes up I will post that, also.
  • Maureen:  Today Erin and Colleen took smiley faced candy to school. They shared the candy and told their classmates about Gabby and the Pay It Forward Event. I did some volunteer work at the school

  • Becca (Kentucky):  Sending a little extra to Bethel Ministries this month in honor of Gabby.

  • Jennifer (It isn't much but I had a huge bag of baby and kids clothing that I was taking to a resale shop for extra money and today in honor of Gabby I dropped them off at Good Will. Hoping this tradition will grow bigger and bigger as I a sure God and Gabby are smiling down at this today
  • Jennifer (Indianapolis, Indiana):  Brought in a gift bag for a girl at work thats always helping. Sent a gift pack to another little Guatemala girl.
  • Wendi (Kingsport, Tennessee):  In honor of sweet Gabby, we paid it forward by sending a care package to our previous Children's Pastor Mel and his family as they are serving on the mission field in Bangladesh. We also sent a care package to our children's pastor now, Pastor Josh Roberts and his family as his 8 month old son is fighting an inoperable brain tumor at St. Judes in Memphis. You can follow his page on facebook, Miracle of Elisha. We plan on doing more and will post them as soon as we do other pay it forwards.
  • Julie (Iowa):  OK--I am working at a coffee shop today (doing recruiting work), and I paid for the 10 people behind me in honor of Gabby's 10th birthday. It's not terribly creative, but it's the best I could do. I hope it honors Gabby, her birthday, her legacy, and your sweet family
  • Anna (Madison, Alabama):  In honor of your sweet Gabby, we are doing something for 2 little one's who are in the hospital in critical condition. God bless you all!
  • Becky (Johnson City, Tennessee):  In honor of Gabby, I'm placing some change on vending machines on campus with a note that reads "Take what you need, then pay it forward in honor of Gabby Lewis" with a link to your blog...:)   It is indeed more blessed to give than to receive!!! Thanks for the honor of remembering your sweet girl! Praying for you all today!!!
  • Rochelle (Dothan, Alabama):  I'm paying it forward today by sending a donation to Jarod Mills to help with Toby's hearing aids. Can't think of a better way to honor beautiful Gabby than to help another beautiful baby be able to hear! Happy Birthday, Gabby!


    More will be posted throughout the week of June 4th....

    So check back and read all the Cramazing things you all have done! 

    Or post below in the comments your Pay-In-Forward

    Thank you!!!



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